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August 27, 2007   No Comments on Wikipedia edits

I just made some minor edits to the Wikipedia entry for the Kalgoorlie Miner. I added contact details and gave some extra information about availability. Later I will add some historical data.

I’m happy to disclose that I made these changes, just in case anyone suggests I’m biased or revisionist like the Fairfax wiki editors.

The ability to contribute unchecked does raise a legitimate question about the integrity of user-compiled reference material. But while that capability exists, and is known to exist, I see no reason for complaint.

As the disclaimer says, Wikipedia makes no guarantee of validity.

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8 years 11 months ago

Hmm, since I made those factual edits, someone has deleted the entire section on where the paper circulates.

The current entry contains incorrect information about where the paper is printed, and nothing about its circulation area or history.

I wonder why I bothered.