Royal Adelaide Show

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Big Wheel at the Adelaide Show
I took the twins to the Royal Adelaide Show today. They had been begging me to go, and I was initially reluctant because of the cost, but it turned out to be a fun experience for them.

Although predictably expensive, it’s something all kids should do at least once.

We arrived early and did the rides before they got too crowded. I went with the kids on the Big Wheel, which offered good views of the showgrounds and the city.

They both enjoyed playing inside plastic inflatable balls, floating on water. I had never seen this before and it looked lots of fun.

They travelled along on the ghost train and found this a little scary because “real people” jumped out to frighten them. Then it was onto the dodgem cars. Maggie failed the height test, but they let her go.

We wandered through the animal pavilions; the kids patted lambs and watched some of the dog show judging.

I let them buy two showbags each, but not before having to raid the ATM.

Rides were all about $8 each, showbags were $10-20 and parking was $12. Add an icecream each and hotdog, and you can see it was a pricey event.

Here’s video of James and Maggie in the water balls:

Here’s the view from the Big Wheel:

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