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Woden bike ride

Woden bike ride

Living in Canberra without a car means I rely on the trusty bicycle for much of my transport. It's only 3.4km to work along a nice trail and most of my shopping and other requirements are within walking distance or a short ride.

It means I haven't been riding much for exercise though.

Today was the first longer trip since circling Lake Burley Griffin in February.

Not that 19km is far by any standards, but the return from Woden along Hindmarsh Drive involved a rather steep climb.

GPS showed the highest point at Red Hill was 151 metres above home on the lake.

Normally I don't have a rapid heart rate on the bike, but it reached 166 bpm going up the hill, which contributed to a handy calorie burn of 627. Coming down was a buzz and I clocked 56 kmh.

Not sure I'll do it again because I'm not a big fan of hill climbs, but I'm happy to have done it once.

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