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Steven Bradbury

Steven Bradbury

I had the pleasure today to meet 2002 Winter Olympics gold medallist Steven Bradbury. He's an entertaining speaker and there's much more to his inspirational story than cruising over the finish line as an accidental champion.

Bradbury was in the twilight of his career when he won Australia's first Winter Olympics gold.

He had suffered many personal setbacks leading up to this success, including two serious injuries which could easily have curtailed any chance of participating at Salt Lake City in 2002.

The fact he persisted is a credit to him and an inspiration to others.

He's a great advocate for maintaining a positive attitude through hard times and adversity. Today he's sought after on the motivational speaking circuit and could easily make a living as a stand-up comic given his sense of humour.

He made the point himself that if he hadn't won the gold medal, he wouldn't have enjoyed that celebrity.

It was a poignant moment after the 2002 medal-winning race when he briefly contemplated not accepting the honour.

He decided the medal was not an award for that race, but for a lifetime of hard work and training to be the best speed skater in the world.

For a boy from Brisbane, that was an outstanding triumnph.

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