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Samoa ferry

Samoa ferry

Libby has written an excellent blog post which describes our recent Samoa adventure in some detail. I will add some snippets to that here.

On our first day in Samoa we caught the ferry from Upolu to Savaii. The Samoa Shipping Corporation sails five services a day from Mulifanua to Salelologa across 13 nautical miles on six days a week. The service runs just twice on Sundays, which is when we went across on September 4.

We caught the larger Lady Samoa III (pictured), which comfortably rode the huge swell. Apparently the smaller vesses can be knocked around on high seas.

Lady Samoa III is 47 metres long, 1045 tonnes and 13 metres across. It can accommodate 30 cars and 200 passengers.

We tied our bicycles to a rail in the hold where cars were stowed.

There was an air-conditioned seating area indoors, but we chose to sit outside on the top deck. Despite the heat and humidity it was pleasant enough when the voyage began, thanks to a fresh breeze.

The seats were plastic but comfortable. The vessel wasn't overcrowded. There were no amenities to be seen, apart from toilets.

Mulifanua is on the western side of Upolu, near the airport and about an hour's drive from Apia.

The passage took just over an hour, which was a relaxing start to the holiday. The cost was 22 tala each, including the bike (A$11.60). A one-way ticket alone is 12 tala.

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