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Moving to Canberra

I finished up this week at my temporary job with Territory Generation. In a couple of weeks I'll be starting as Senior Journalist with the Canberra Times.

Since I started working in media at the Bairnsdale Advertiser 30 years ago I've always enjoyed writing and reporting.

There have been lots of changes. Typewriters made way for computers and computers have transformed many times.

Something called a fax machine replaced the telex, whatever that was.

Film was developed in a darkroom when I started. Fast one-hour processing came later, although from Ceduna I had to send rolls of film on a bus to Whyalla.

Pages were made on "the stone", where blue-collar workers showed they had better language skills than most of us journos, and were very patient as people like me learnt the trade.

It felt like a trade too, or a craft. There were years of learning involved.

The internet began to emerge in the mid 90s. Most publishers dismissed it as a fad. Some of us knew it was a powerful beast, but had no idea how to harness it.

At the Canberra Times I'll be joining a news publisher, not a newspaper. I'll also be joining one of the most respected media outlets in Australia, where past editors have included the likes of Crispin Hull, Michelle Guthrie and Jack Waterford.

It's an exciting opportunity and I'm looking forward to it.

I've enjoyed my second stint in the Northern Territory, especially the 18 months I spent at Alice Springs. There are no regrets about living in Darwin, just the leaving of it.

I'm looking forward to lower humidity though, walking in hills, running on cool mornings and exploring a new city.

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