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Reveal Saddle

Reveal Saddle

In April 2015 I walked part of the Larapinta Trail near Alice Springs from Standley Chasm to Reveal Saddle. The return trip was 10.5km.

It’s a 50km drive from Alice Springs to Standley Chasm on a sealed road, making it a good trailhead for hikes in either direction.

The chasm itself is also well worth a look, being just 1.2km from the main car park with an entry fee payable. That part of the walk is along a creek which had some water in it, providing a lush canopy.

To walk east on the Larapinta Trail you also head towards the chasm and follow a sign to turn left to Jay Creek.

Heading in the opposite direction, we took a scenic diversion to a lookout above the kiosk before dropping down to a dry creek bed, which became the trail for the next two kilometres.

It’s not pleasant walking on stones, but with a temperature in the high teens and a cooling breeze in April the conditions were fine.

About 3km from Standley Chasm the trail turns north and begins to climb. GPS tracking showed the elevation went from 764 metres to 1038. It was a fairly gentle ascent for the most part, but rocky in places.

The return journey was downhill to the dry creek bed, which we followed all the way to the road and back to Standley Chasm.

The walk could be longer or shorter depending on fitness and weather. The views from the top of the ridge were magnificent and made it well worthwhile.

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