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Scooting around

Scooting around

I'm having a lot of fun scooting around on my new Segway Ninebot Max G30P scooter, bought from Electric Kicks for $1149.

The attraction started after trying out Neuron hire scooters, which were recently introduced to the Bundaberg Region. They're also available in Brisbane and I've ridden there as well.

Scooting is a great way to get around. They're compact, light (my model weighs 19kg), easy to fold and carry, take up small storage space and zip along at 25kmh.

That's the speed limit in Queensland, which seems to have the most relaxed scooting laws in Australia.


I don't understand why other states have so many restrictions given that scooters are smaller than bicycles and have similar speeds and capabilities, get people off the roads and reduce pollution.

My scooter has an advertised range of 65km but it's more like 45km for me in real-world conditions, weighing more than I should. That's still more than enough for a typical commute. If there were suitable paths I'd be able to scoot to work and back in Bundaberg on a single charge.

The charging cable is just like for a printer or monitor and it takes about six hours to go from zero to full.

The scooter took five minutes to assemble after I got it out of the box, just needing to screw on the handlebar and connect the mobile app.

I carry it up three flights of stairs without too much trouble.

Scooting has some health value. I reckon it's equivalent to a walk because of setting it up, going up and down stairs, kick starting and riding, which requires balance, uses core muscles and improves posture.

Scooting is a lot of fun. It's liberating to feel wind in the hair, enjoy the view, stop occasionally and smell the roses. So far I've enjoyed rides around Bargara, Elliott Heads, Bribie Island and Hervey Bay.

I feel very safe on the Segway G30 Max. It has a wide deck and feels solid. The only incident so far was being attacked by a magpie in Elliott Heads, with three peck marks on my helmet to show for it!

Recently in Hervey Bay, I was approached by some grey nomads who asked a lot of sensible questions. They saw the appeal of taking scooters in their RVs instead of bicycles, which are heavier, bigger and difficult to fold.

A drawback currently is that different states have different laws. I used to think Australia was a single country but scooters and Covid have made me realise that states are like independent fiefdoms.

I plan to describe some of my scooting adventures on Have Scooter, Will Travel.

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08 August 2021, 17:09
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