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Writing editorial opinionsI’m not a big fan of writing editorials. I stopped them at Myrtleford and Kalgoorlie, except when I had something that had to be said. The Border Watch has a policy though to run them, and I accept that responsibility.

Opinion pieces for daily papers can be tricky, especially somewhere like Mount Gambier where we don’t cover much national news and don’t have access to AAP.

There are only so many local issues to opine about.

Editorial opinions are different to blogs. they can’t be outrageous and they need to have a certain gravity. It’s quite an art actually.

A newspaper has an advocacy role, I believe, on behalf of its community and editorial opinions should reflect that.

There aren’t always local issues to write about, which means you have to branch out, but in a logical way.

I won’t say I’m expert at writing them, but rather “not too shabby”.

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