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The elite newspaper of the future
The elite newspaper of the future
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Here's an article I wrote in October 2008 regarding the future of newspapers: Philip Meyer has written a thoughtful article for the American Journalism Review titled “The elite newspaper of the future”. Meyer is regarded as something of a prophet, having written “The Vanishing Newspaper: Saving Journalism in the Information Age” in 2004. In his latest essay he ...

Michael 04 June 2021, 23:53

Journalism: Attributing opinion
Journalism: Attributing opinion
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Here's an article I wrote in September 2003 headlined "modern journalism": I was interested to hear Andrew Denton’s interview last night with veteran White House press corps member Helen Thomas. I empathised with her comment that it’s hard to start writing opinion pieces after years of straight reporting. It also made me realise that I’m in the older ...

Michael 04 June 2021, 23:21