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The first blog post, wow. If you had of asked me 3 years ago what I would be doing in 2017 I can tell you the answer would not have been going to uni and starting a blog, let alone becoming so interested in photography. The answer would have been more like… “I dunno… working, I guess”, luckily I have more direction and set goals nowadays. Speaking of goals, I may as well talk about my goals for this website/blog.

My main aim/goal for the blog is to use it as a tool to motivate and guide my learning in photography. I’d like to document my learning so I can go over it in years to come to see how much I’ve developed also as a tool to motivate me in years to come.

Why do I want to get better in photography? Now that’s a good question… The main part is I find it incredibly enjoyable and not only is taking photographs fun to me but reading about photography and seeing another photographer’s work is interesting and motivating. I want to be better than them or at least stand out and have my own style to compare with theirs.

Another part I guess is art has always been something that hasn’t come easy to me. I always struggled learning instruments, drawing and painting etc. This led me to being uninterested in art personally while also being jealous of how other people can be so creative and skilled in their area and bring joy to everyone. But then late 2015 I decided I wanted to try photography and with my savings from working full-time that year I decided to buy my first camera. A Canon EOS 750D with the standard 18-55mm lens. Since then I’ve been taking photographs on and off quite a lot until early last year I really got into it and I not only did it for enjoyment but to help me relax and escape from others and any problems for a while. I still do it for this reason but I’ve added more goals to my photography as mentioned above.

Anyway to not draw this one post out too long I will end it here on only the one goal and I will tell you all about my other goals in the coming blog posts.

Thank you so much for taking your time not only to visit my website but to find my blog section and read it. I hope you stick around as I hope to have many interesting stories, photographs and series in the future.

Michael out.

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