The Photography ‘Zone’

What I mean by the photography ‘zone’ is similar to the zone you would get in as an athlete when you’re 100% dialed in and concentrated on what you are doing and not easily distracted. Personally I think this a very important part of my photography and currently directly influences the quality of my photography outings. I’m hoping as I get more experienced I will be able to produce quality images at a whim but at this stage I rely on ‘the zone’ to help me out. This is how I get into it.

What works for me to get into the zone while out taking pictures is to be concentrated right of the bat and be trigger happy early within the session. The quicker I jump in and start taking images of people not thinking about what they are thinking about me the better the day is going to turn out and the more concentrated I become. This is because I become more focused about photography and taking good images and less focused on what people think of me and what I’m going to have for dinner.

I also like to listen to music loud enough to hear easily but not too loud to hurt my ears and make it difficult for me to hear my surroundings. It is important to be able to still hear my surroundings not only to be able to help me hear interesting situations but for my safety and staying aware of dangers that are present (like traffic). The music I listen to varies but the general mood I want is either relaxing music to relax and not distract me or upbeat music that gets me in a good mood and feeling confident.

These two aspects are currently the best ways for me to get into the photography zone but I’m hoping I will discover more as I get more experienced until I don’t need triggers that help me focus and am able to be a true professional.

Michael out.

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