The Next Portfolio Topic…

I’ve been thinking about what the next portfolio for my website should focus on… I’ve finally decided and it is something I have little experience in doing successfully… The next portfolio will be focusing on a structural street photographer. Someone who takes images of buildings and patterns in cities.

I have yet to find the exact person I want to study and focus on for the Portfolio but I did do some research and found some potential candidates. I would like to find someone who’s photography inspires me at least close to the amount Yanidel’s did.

The reason for choosing structural street photography is that I like the simplicity of the pictures and the way experienced photographers take something seen every day and turn it into something special. I believe this ability is important for a photographer and should be something a photographer should be able to do in all aspects of photography. As I currently focus mainly on street photography, I thought this would be the next natural step to take in furthering my skills.

If I’m able to learn enough about the technique and thought processes of structural street photography, I’m hoping it will translate into my standard street photography. In a way that provides me with more creative ways to take pictures to start planting the groundwork for developing my own style.

If you have any structural street photographers that inspire you don’t hesitate to comment and let me know as the more I see before deciding the better.

Michael out.

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