Secondary/Greed Blog Goals

Well the blogs been up around half a week now I officially recorded the day it went up so I can have a bloggerversary next year on the 9th of August. Hopefully by then I will have 12 more portfolios up and at least 52 more blog posts and around 365 daily photos. Well that’s the plan anyway.

So back to where we left off in the last blog I’ll be talking about my other goals for the blog today. With the main one out the way these other ones are there more for lack of a better word ‘greed’ goals. I am calling them this as they aren’t as necessary for me to get motivation for the blog they are like extras that would be good if they came but not too missed if they didn’t. Like at a Subway restaurant when there is a broken cookie and the server asks if you want it, the greed goal.

So, the first greed goal would be that in the future if I decide to have a full-fledged career in photography I hope that my website and blog will help serve basically as another reference for people who are thinking about hiring me. They can use the blog to not only see my photography but also see what sort of person I am, which in a photographer for emotional events could be very important.

The second greed goal is not the reason I’m blogging as I believe it is not why someone should start a blog and that is why I am considering it a MAJOR greed goal and it is to have a following. People who come to my website and blog to see my new posts, daily photos, portfolios and whatever is to come because either they like my content and/or me. Like I said this is not the reason I have started blogging and out of 100% of my motivation and reason for blogging it probably makes up 1%.

The third greed goal is just because I like to challenge myself. Like a lot. I love a challenge. I’m competitive. No challenge… and I won’t find it too fun. Whether it be a physical challenge or mental challenge I really really really like challenges. And photography presents a billion of them. It’s ever-changing and an ever-learning hobby that doesn’t really compare to anything else out there. And it’s so hard to be good. To be able to convey emotion and tell a story all within one image, all within your own way… now that’s hard. But it’s this challenge and the way it is always different which makes me take my camera with me whenever I leave the house. This enjoyment I get from challenging my shyness taking street photography pictures alone is crazy. Not only this but it pushes me out of my comfort zone and has already helped me meet new people and I hope it continues to do so.

Now these are my secondary/greed goals for the blog the third one is probably the most realistic one and more of a secondary goal rather than a greed goal but I think it should still be there. So the first week will be over most likely by the time I write my next blog but then I may get the urge to write one before next Sunday and if I do and I have time, I will.

Once again thank you for finding my website and blog and I hope you enjoy my content.

Michael out.

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