Premature Thoughts on Editing Candid Street Photography Images

I don’t know how I feel about editing street photography images that I take. At the moment the most editing I do of an image is just exposure and contrast changes to make the raw image file resemble what I saw when I took the image. But I do understand that sometimes major editing, cropping and colour adjustments can help make an image a lot better. Despite this I find myself reluctant to do too much editing in either Lightroom or Photoshop. I will admit part of it is due to my lack of experience with the programs, although I do plan on learning more about them. There is also the factor that I’d like to get good enough at framing a picture that cropping would only be needed if something was out of my control, I find it is a bit of a shortcut to rely too heavily on cropping in post-production and one that could catch up to you one day.

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Secondary/Greed Blog Goals

Well the blogs been up around half a week now I officially recorded the day it went up so I can have a bloggerversary next year on the 9th of August. Hopefully by then I will have 12 more portfolios up and at least 52 more blog posts and around 365 daily photos. Well that’s the plan anyway.

So back to where we left off in the last blog I’ll be talking about my other goals for the blog today. With the main one out the way these other ones are there more for lack of a better word ‘greed’ goals. I am calling them this as they aren’t as necessary for me to get motivation for the blog they are like extras that would be good if they came but not too missed if they didn’t. Like at a Subway restaurant when there is a broken cookie and the server asks if you want it, the greed goal.

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Welcome to my website/blog!

The first blog post, wow. If you had of asked me 3 years ago what I would be doing in 2017 I can tell you the answer would not have been going to uni and starting a blog, let alone becoming so interested in photography. The answer would have been more like… “I dunno… working, I guess”, luckily I have more direction and set goals nowadays. Speaking of goals, I may as well talk about my goals for this website/blog.

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