The Photography ‘Zone’

What I mean by the photography ‘zone’ is similar to the zone you would get in as an athlete when you’re 100% dialed in and concentrated on what you are doing and not easily distracted. Personally I think this a very important part of my photography and currently directly influences the quality of my photography outings. I’m hoping as I get more experienced I will be able to produce quality images at a whim but at this stage I rely on ‘the zone’ to help me out. This is how I get into it.

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I Want to Try Photoshoots

Photoshoots present a different perspective on photography than I normally have with my current street photography that I prioritise. With photoshoots I would be in control of almost every aspect of the image except for maybe the models poses and expressions, whereas in street photography I have much less control over the scene and instead of creating my own scene from scratch I create it from what is already available and what I see. I definitely like this approach as it helps to stretch your creativity in photography initially and helps you learn about contrasting, shadows and different lighting but studio photography would still present a lot of challenges and require a lot of thought and learning that can continue to push my photography and my understanding of taking great photographs.

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My Thoughts on Learning Photography Through Textbooks

Photography text books are interesting textbooks as photography is an art and way of expressing yourself which means the finer details can’t be taught through words on a page alone. Someone who is looking to learn photography must be able to able to learn through practice more than just reading alone. In saying that I still think textbooks have a large place in learning photography. I’ll outline why below.

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My Thoughts on Cropping

Cropping is a very useful tool especially for a new photographer like myself. At University, my tutor often ‘improves’ (I said improve like this as often there are different opinions on changing photographs) students work by cropping in to the subject more and increasing the amount of photoshop involved in the image. While I understand that he is trying to help us produce the best images we can, I think he is showing us a shortcut to decency rather than the longer road to greatness. Here’s why.

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Competitive Photography Portfolios

Lately when I’ve been taking pictures I’ve been looking for certain pictures to take in relation to certain themes or styles. I’d like to show my progression in these styles but I believe sometimes daily photos aren’t enough to do some of these images justice. Therefore, I’ve come up with an interesting idea which I think will solve this problem and tie in well with my goal for the website and blog.

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