(Non-Photography) – I Don’t Understand the Problem with Sports Bandwagoning – Part Two

(Non-Photography) – I Don’t Understand the Problem with Bandwagoning. (Golden State Warriors) (NBA) (Part Two)


This post is the second part of the topic with the first talking about how I got into NBA this one talks about my opinion on bandwagoning. This post happens to coincide with the first week of the 2017/2018 NBA Regular season… Where GSW are currently 1-2 *sigh.

Anyway past that and onto the blog.

Sports bandwagoning can be frustrating for old fans of the sport and old fans of the teams. But overall I believe it is good for the NBA but I can sort of understand old fans frustrations but believe that their dislike would be changed if they thought about the bigger picture.

My understanding of their frustrations with bandwagoners is that they’ve been invested into the sport or the team for a long time through the ups and downs, in terms of GSW before 2014 it was mostly downs. So to have all these new fans come in and jumping on and riding the new success of the GSW’s they get frustrated as they’ve skipped all the bad parts and are just joining in for the good parts and in the old fans understanding they probably expect them to leave once the good parts end as well.

Fans of other teams also seem to dislike the increased popularity of the GSW’s. This in my opinion must come down to a bit of jealousy. Jealousy of the success of the warriors. This often seems to happen with fans of musicians as well. People who knew the singer or band before they became popular often become jealous or annoyed at new fans who only know 1 or 2 of their popular songs but call themselves fans. Part of it is because they possibly wanted to keep the musician/s to themselves or liked being able to meet the musician and interact with the musician in a way that is impossible with their increased popularity.

But overall bandwagoning leads to a lot of positives for the GSW’s and NBA in general. So many new fans mean there are more people watching and joining into the sport you love which means increased opportunities around the world for new basketball players and fans. It also means more money for the league which leads to better viewing experience, better player development, better coverage, more coverage and more international games as the league looks to expand its market overseas like we saw in China this preseason.

With so many benefits Bandwagoning is extremely beneficial for old fans and new fans and it shouldn’t matter when someone starts liking a team or basketball. It should matter that basketball is getting more and more popular all around the world which can only lead to bigger, greater things.

Anyway this was just some of my thoughts on bandwagoning and why it is a good thing for most positive things to do with sport not just including the NBA and GSW. If you have an opinion on this topic don’t hesitate to leave a comment.

Michael Out


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