(Non-Photography) – I Don’t Understand the Problem with Sports Bandwagoning – Part One

So… this post is a little different to my normal photography blogs but it is on a topic that I’m invested in and am curious about what other people think. This post will be in 2 parts with the first covering how I became a fan of NBA and the Golden State Warriors (GSW) and the second discussing my views on bandwagoning.

Sports bandwagoning in my understanding is where people who weren’t previously fans of the sport or are on/off fans of the sport all of a sudden start liking the sport and go for the best team. This can be due to increased popularity of the sport, historic runs or simply big games. In the NBA’s case the Golden State Warriors are the team which most new NBA fans will ‘bandwagon’. With 2 titles in 3 seasons, the best ever regular season record of 73-9 (2015-2016) and the best ever playoff run of 16-1 (2016-2017), the GSW’s are the best team in the NBA. With recent records like these they have brought in a heap of new fans, me included.

These new fans have come from people who may not have even watched professional basketball (me) or fans who just played the games or watch highlights occasionally. The way I got into the GSW’s begun during their first championship where they versed Cleveland. Believe it or not I was actually going for Cleveland during that 2014/2015 finals as I was brought into the hype surrounding Australian, Matthew Dellavedova and his ‘Curry stopping’ defense. Alas Cleveland lost and I didn’t spare it too big a thought. But then after watching highlights of those games on youtube I did start to gain more interest into basketball. To the point where I played a casual season in Alice Springs.

Going through the 2015/2016 season I started to see highlights of Steph Curry pop up on my youtube news feed and after watching a few of those I became even more invested into basketball and watched the majority GSW’s highlights for the rest of the season.

The biggest factor that led me to purchase my first season pass for the 2016-2017 season for watching GSW’s games was actually the fact that I got NBA 2K16 on PC through a Humble Bundle (Online Game Store for Charity). After installing and playing 2K16 I was officially a fan of basketball but more important the Golden State Warriors and Steph Curry. These days I hate to miss a game and refuse to look at Facebook until I’ve had a chance to watch the game so I can avoid all the spoilers that can pop up. This can last for a day or 2 depending on when I get time to watch. This is the sport I’ve been in to the most, surpassing tennis even despite the small amount of basketball I’ve played in comparison to tennis. I still love watching tennis and will continue to but unlike the NBA I don’t watch every match throughout the year. For tennis I only watch the Grand Slams when Andy Murray or Nick Kyrgios are playing whereas NBA I watch all 81 of GSW’s regular season games and then their playoff games too.

Discovering this love for NBA and the GSW’s and Stephen Curry has given me a new interest that I am passionate about, love to talk about and entertains me and has me hooked to the point where I would re-watch last season’s games to get me through the off-season. And it is this that makes me frustrated to see some of the hate new GSW’s fans get for liking a team that is on top.

That’s all for part one, sorry it was a bit long… I got carried away. Part two will be released next Sunday and will go into my thoughts on bandwagoning. Until then.

Michael out.

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