My Thoughts on Spending Money to Improve my Website.

It is very tempting to spend money to improve how my website looks, functions and feels. Spending money on WordPress themes leads to further customization options, further functionality, better SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and overall a potentially better website. There are things holding me back and this post is about why I’m hesitant.

First off, it’s a bit expensive for me currently. As a university student without a job it is difficult to spend money on unessential items or on a whim. Thought must go into everything I buy so I can budget and afford all the important expenditures like bills, rent and food. So to spend money on my website which is a hobby which doesn’t need further money to be spent on it at this current stage seems a bit over the top and more of a luxury than a necessity. Especially when themes and plugins I’m looking at would put it above $100 to start with some continuing fees later. Luckily I will be starting a new job soon which could prompt me to rethink this problem, but until then this is the biggest issue.

Another problem is I don’t want to spend more money on my website until I’ve proven to myself it is something worth the money. What I mean by this is I want to have been consistently updating my website for at least a year to prove to myself it is something important to me and worth investing in. Even if the website doesn’t ever bring in money it can be a great avenue to promote my work and my services later on when I’ve graduated university. So a year of proof that the website can be useful, I truly enjoy it and my motivation level is still high is what I’m looking at before going to the next level with my website’s look.

So these two issues are my major problems with spending money to improve my website. As it is not entirely necessary to improve my website. Currently there is one plugin that I’d love to upgrade that would further improve mobile functionality and viewing of my images. Still I am being strong and resisting the urge until I’m proven to myself it is worth it and I can properly afford it without making sacrifices elsewhere.

Well these were my thoughts on spending money on my website, until next time.

Michael out.

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