My First Experience with Macro Photography

The other week at camera club there was a Macro Photography workshop. People brought in interesting objects to photograph. The club provided all the lighting equipment and tables and we were just asked to bring a camera, tripod and a off camera flash if we had them. I’m not going to lie but I thought about having the night off as Macro Photography is not something I’m extremely interested in. But as I’ve never properly tried macro photography I decided to go and get my first experience. I’m glad I did.

Yellow and black beads pictured close up on black velvet in Adelaide, South Australia. Michael Gorey
Beads organised randomly

I borrowed another members 90mm prime lens which was my first time using a dedicated macro lens and it was mind blowing to me to have a lens that could go to an aperture of 32… I didn’t know that was possible.  She also helped me set up my equipment and the subject and lighting. It was my first time using proper studio lighting as well. So there were a lot of firsts this night.

To start with I took photos of a small cactus experimenting with different apertures to see how different and dramatic they are in macro photography compared to other types of photography. It was difficult to get each of the little prickles in focus at first but after a few tries it got better.

A small cactus on black velvet pictured in macro photography in Adelaide, South Australia. Michael Gorey
Macro Photography 1

I then moved onto photographing an old pocket watch (which was really cool), afterwards I moved on to a new station and had my first go using a polariser. I photographed simple plastic cutlery with the polariser but after seeing how others used the polariser I realised I really wouldn’t mind owning one to experiment with… but that’s for another day.

Macro photography of plastic cutlery using a polariser on the lens. Taken in Adelaide, South Australia. Michael Gorey
First time using a polariser.

I moved on to one last station where there a plant set up and afterwards I had to get back home to study for my exam.

It was an interesting experience trying Macro Photography, it is certainly not my favourite type of photography, but it would be a good change of pace to mix in every now and then if I wanted to try something new. Experimenting with polarisers seems like it would be great fun and I’m interested in getting one for one or both of my lenses.

Anyway that was my first experience with Macro Photography, I think later in the year I will get my first chance to try proper portrait photography which will be great to see how others go about directing a model and a scene. Until next time.

Michael out.

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