I Want to Try Photoshoots

Photoshoots present a different perspective on photography than I normally have with my current street photography that I prioritise. With photoshoots I would be in control of almost every aspect of the image except for maybe the models poses and expressions, whereas in street photography I have much less control over the scene and instead of creating my own scene from scratch I create it from what is already available and what I see. I definitely like this approach as it helps to stretch your creativity in photography initially and helps you learn about contrasting, shadows and different lighting but studio photography would still present a lot of challenges and require a lot of thought and learning that can continue to push my photography and my understanding of taking great photographs.

I am currently nervous about doing a photoshoot as I’ve not done a proper photoshoot before but only impromptu ones with my girlfriend which didn’t go as easily as you would assume. What I learnt from these little photoshoots that were for fun was that communication of your ideas with the model and what you want them to do is just as important as the lighting and scene. If you cannot communicate efficiently with your model it makes it a lot more difficult to create the image that you desire. The model will get worried, feel less comfortable and self-conscious while you try and stumble your way through your ¼ thought out ideas. This was a good lesson that has me researching more about studio photography prior to taking the leap and doing a photoshoot.

I wouldn’t want to limit myself to just studio photoshoots. I’ve found many interesting locations while walking the streets of Adelaide that I would love to take a model to take some pictures with as sometimes the right people just haven’t walked past even after I’ve revisited some of these areas. There are certain times I’d like to visit different locations as well as I’ve found the shadows of sunset can create really interesting images that paired with a model and the right contrast in colours could create a really intriguing image. Well at least that is my hope. But before I move on to street photoshoots I would definitely want more practice in a studio or ‘safe’ environment where there is less pressure and mistakes and fumbling around aren’t too wasteful.

With hope, come the summer holidays I would like to be able to do some photoshoots either in a paid for studio or in a makeshift homemade studio in my garage or around my house. I hope this will allow me to build the confidence and skills required to do photoshoots on the streets in the hope that by the time I hopefully go to South Korea next year I will be able to confidently do photoshoots over there as well.

Michael out.

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