Competitive Photography Portfolios

Lately when I’ve been taking pictures I’ve been looking for certain pictures to take in relation to certain themes or styles. I’d like to show my progression in these styles but I believe sometimes daily photos aren’t enough to do some of these images justice. Therefore, I’ve come up with an interesting idea which I think will solve this problem and tie in well with my goal for the website and blog.

This idea is to create portfolios for each of these theme’s or styles (there are currently 3-4) and then to rotate the images in each portfolio to keep showing my progression. I’m going to add a limit to the size of each portfolio depending on which portfolio it is. This limit cannot be adjusted and means when I take a better photo which fits a portfolio better than an older photo, I will have to delete the older photo no matter how much I like it.

This will make sure only my best images are on display and to help improve my ability to think critically about my own images. The time between image changes could be whenever, it all depends on when I get a better, more interesting picture.

At this stage, I’m thinking the images for each portfolio will be uploaded as a second daily photo once the portfolios have been designed but with a different name that shows it is part of a certain portfolio. Then when images are replaced the new image/s will also be uploaded as a daily photo to make sure as many people see them as possible.

I hope these portfolios will accurately be able to showcase my finest work and my progression in the world of photography as well as my interests in photography. More portfolios may be added as I explore more types of photography so it will not be limited to just the initial portfolios. This may take some redesigning of my website but as it is for the better I am more than happy to do so… I guess…

Hopefully this idea is as exciting and interesting to you as it is to me and I hope you keep a look out for when the portfolios are posted! Here’s a hint of one of the portfolios, it involves shadows and harsh light.

Michael out.

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