Applying for a University Exchange to South Korea!

Wow this is exciting… I’ve recently decided that I’d like to go on an exchange to Seoul, South Korea! I’m currently in the process of applying to go on the exchange for an entire semester in the 2nd half of next year. As I meet all the criteria required to attend the university I hope to attend and I’m hopeful that I will get accepted…

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100 Pictures a Day Challenge – My Experience

So, this week after not taking pictures like I normally do on Monday and Tuesday I decided for the rest of the week I would try to take 100 pictures a day to make up for it. I managed to take 100 pictures on Wednesday but on Thursday I was sick and couldn’t go out.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday I managed to take the 100 pictures which set me up well and was the practice I really need to improve. But I do have a problem with this challenge that I set myself…

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I Bought A New Lens!!!

I bought a new lens! It was my first time buying a new lens for my camera as the lens I normally use (Canon EF 50mm f1.8 STM) belongs to my girlfriend. I am currentlyyyy, permanentlyyyy, borrowing it… So technically before I bought a new lens the other day I only owned the standard Canon EF-S 18-55mm f3.5-5.6 IS STM lens.

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The Next Portfolio Topic…

I’ve been thinking about what the next portfolio for my website should focus on… I’ve finally decided and it is something I have little experience in doing successfully… The next portfolio will be focusing on a structural street photographer. Someone who takes images of buildings and patterns in cities.

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