My First Experience with Macro Photography

The other week at camera club there was a Macro Photography workshop. People brought in interesting objects to photograph. The club provided all the lighting equipment and tables and we were just asked to bring a camera, tripod and a off camera flash if we had them. I’m not going to lie but I thought about having the night off as Macro Photography is not something I’m extremely interested in. But as I’ve never properly tried macro photography I decided to go and get my first experience. I’m glad I did.

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New Portfolio Is out! + University update!

This post is sort of a short update about my time at University this year and about my new competitive portfolio which has gone up which is called ‘Light and Shadows”. My Light and shadows portfolio can be found here: 

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Camera Club – My first experience

I recently attended a camera club meeting from the invitation from a friend who also enjoys photography. I was a bit nervous going to the meeting prior to going as I wasn’t sure what to expect or how it would all work and what the people would be like. This nervousness was definitely in vain as the moment I walked through the door all I could hear was laughter and friendly conversation which made me feel more comfortable. This post will be about my experience at the camera club and my thoughts on continuing to attend it.

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(Non-Photography) – I Don’t Understand the Problem with Sports Bandwagoning – Part One

So… this post is a little different to my normal photography blogs but it is on a topic that I’m invested in and am curious about what other people think. This post will be in 2 parts with the first covering how I became a fan of NBA and the Golden State Warriors (GSW) and the second discussing my views on bandwagoning.

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The Photography ‘Zone’

What I mean by the photography ‘zone’ is similar to the zone you would get in as an athlete when you’re 100% dialed in and concentrated on what you are doing and not easily distracted. Personally I think this a very important part of my photography and currently directly influences the quality of my photography outings. I’m hoping as I get more experienced I will be able to produce quality images at a whim but at this stage I rely on ‘the zone’ to help me out. This is how I get into it.

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