Camera Club – My first experience

I recently attended a camera club meeting from the invitation from a friend who also enjoys photography. I was a bit nervous going to the meeting prior to going as I wasn’t sure what to expect or how it would all work and what the people would be like. This nervousness was definitely in vain as the moment I walked through the door all I could hear was laughter and friendly conversation which made me feel more comfortable. This post will be about my experience at the camera club and my thoughts on continuing to attend it.

The members of the camera club all seem to be older than I am with many being much older and instead of this being something which deters me it is something which I think will be a great help for my photography and could help me make some more diverse friends that I wouldn’t normally meet.

I mainly stuck around my friend who invited me to the camera club meeting as I was a bit too shy to branch out on my own but the people I met while there were very friendly and shouldn’t be hard to approach once I feel more comfortable.

The meeting was a film meeting and after everyone was gathered and had a seat the pictures people had entered for the chosen topics were displayed to the audience and critiqued by a judge, with the best seeming to get a small certificate.

The pictures on display were often very different with many people having very different perspectives on the topic and the critiquing and layout of the meeting reminded me very much of my Digital Photography class at Uni… which is a good thing. It means it is an environment where I can learn and continue to improve my photography while meeting new people and having a good time. Which is exactly what I was hoping for.

Overall, I thought the meeting was a great experience and I plan on continuing to attend and becoming a member, so I too can enter photographs to be judged. I think I will be quite nervous entering a photo for the first time but as long as I am proud of the photo I think I shouldddd be ok…I assume after the first time it will get much easier and the process will continue to improve my photography.

Having chosen topics each week or fortnight for me to try and take pictures of will continue to expand my photography and push my skills in new and old areas. This will continue my learning of what makes a great photograph and my learning of how to take those great photographs. Anyway until next time.

Michael out.

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