Applying for a University Exchange to South Korea!

Wow this is exciting… I’ve recently decided that I’d like to go on an exchange to Seoul, South Korea! I’m currently in the process of applying to go on the exchange for an entire semester in the 2nd half of next year. As I meet all the criteria required to attend the university I hope to attend and I’m hopeful that I will get accepted…

I’ve picked up my work ethic in the last 2 weeks in to try and raise my GPA more before my application goes in, in the hope that it will raise my chances of being accepted. Having a goal like this is an immense amount of motivation and I hope it will carry me to being accepted.

I’ve never been overseas before but South Korea is a country I’ve been wanting to go to for many years. Now through my studies I am hopefully going to be able to get the chance I really, really, REALLY want. It would mean being away from my friends and family for 6 months but to fulfil a dream of mine I feel like this is more than a decent trade off.

I plan on exploring and travelling around photographing South Korea as much as I can while there and trying lots of new things, like live octopus… that will be interesting. A few places I really want to go in South Korea are Jeju Island, Lotte World and a water park to name a few.

I currently have a friend in Adelaide who is on an exchange from the university in South Korea I hope to attend who wants to show me around when I get there. I have one more friend I met many years ago in Katherine, Northern Territory who wishes to do the same. To know two people prior to going to South Korea will be a big help in adjusting to life there. Exploring the country with South Koreans will also help me see more than the average tourist.

Overall, I am extremely excited about the prospect of possibly going to South Korea for 6 months and I’m currently doing everything I can to make this happen! I won’t forget about the website though. I’m actually thinking about trying to write a post every Wednesday and Sunday instead of just Sunday to release more regular content. Daily photo’s will continue and I have a portfolio on structural photography in the works that is nearing completion that I’m really excited about. So I hope you keep following me through this journey as I can’t wait to share all of this with everyone.

See you on Wednesday!

Michael out.

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