100 Pictures a Day Challenge – My Experience

So, this week after not taking pictures like I normally do on Monday and Tuesday I decided for the rest of the week I would try to take 100 pictures a day to make up for it. I managed to take 100 pictures on Wednesday but on Thursday I was sick and couldn’t go out.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday I managed to take the 100 pictures which set me up well and was the practice I really need to improve. But I do have a problem with this challenge that I set myself…

You can take 100 pictures in a really short amount of time. Find an interesting location with lots of character and interest and 100 pictures can be taken within 20 minutes. While 20 minutes of practice a day isn’t bad, I can and should do more and do better. The reason for this is when I got home and went to look through the pictures the day after I took them I discovered that most weren’t up to my usual standard. Lazy pictures were taken without proper thought, proper framing or proper anything really. While there were a few each day that I liked it wasn’t enough and didn’t feel like a way that I should use to improve.

For this week starting tomorrow I would like to set a challenge of 1 hour of photography at least 4 days this week. The reason for now adding a time limit is that I would much rather take 100 proper, thought out pictures in an hour then just 100 random pictures in 20 minutes. I think this approach would help me build appropriate habits and workflow when taking images much faster than a 100 pictures a day challenge.

I might give an update on this challenge and how I think it is going later in the week before Sunday as I think it would be good to think and evaluate how I feel the approach is going. This will keep me honest and help me build towards a proper ‘training’ schedule.

If any of you have any suggestions about weekly challenges or photography challenges in general don’t hesitate to let me know!

Michael out.

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