1 Hour of Photography, 4 Times a Week

Last week I wrote a post about doing a 100 picture a day challenge and not liking it because I was getting lazy with the pictures I was taking. Afterwards I decided to set myself a 1 hour of photography 4 times a week challenge instead, this is post is about my thoughts on this new challenge…

Put it simply I really really like it. Setting a challenge like this has so far led me to explore more of Adelaide city and think more about the photos that I’m taking. Unlike the 100 picture a day challenge this challenge is getting me thinking more and pushing myself to take better pictures.

Committing one hour of my time to practicing photography for 4 days of the week when I have been busy has made me want to get the most out of the time that I’m spending taking photos. I couldn’t have asked for a better response. While it is still early days I think it is a challenge which will continue to push my photography progression at a rate that I’m happy with.

I am making the most out of my time by thinking more about the photos before I take them and what my goal is for each picture and/or outing. I am looking more at the light source and how I can use it, looking for symmetry and straightening lines in the pictures prior to taking them, colour, interesting subjects and I’ve even been asking a few people if I could take their picture! Which is extremely out of my comfort zone.

So far this has produced some great images that I’m proud of and I hope this challenge will continue to produce results much like it has so far. Look out for my daily photos to see some of the new images although I do have a new plan for my website that I would like to discuss on Sunday after giving it some more thought. Let’s just say it has something to do with competitive photography portfolios…

Michael Out.

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