My First Experience with Macro Photography

The other week at camera club there was a Macro Photography workshop. People brought in interesting objects to photograph. The club provided all the lighting equipment and tables and we were just asked to bring a camera, tripod and a off camera flash if we had them. I’m not going to lie but I thought about having the night off as Macro Photography is not something I’m extremely interested in. But as I’ve never properly tried macro photography I decided to go and get my first experience. I’m glad I did.

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My Thoughts on Spending Money to Improve my Website.

It is very tempting to spend money to improve how my website looks, functions and feels. Spending money on WordPress themes leads to further customization options, further functionality, better SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and overall a potentially better website. There are things holding me back and this post is about why I’m hesitant.

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Camera Club – My first experience

I recently attended a camera club meeting from the invitation from a friend who also enjoys photography. I was a bit nervous going to the meeting prior to going as I wasn’t sure what to expect or how it would all work and what the people would be like. This nervousness was definitely in vain as the moment I walked through the door all I could hear was laughter and friendly conversation which made me feel more comfortable. This post will be about my experience at the camera club and my thoughts on continuing to attend it.

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(Non-Photography) – I Don’t Understand the Problem with Sports Bandwagoning – Part Two

(Non-Photography) – I Don’t Understand the Problem with Bandwagoning. (Golden State Warriors) (NBA) (Part Two)


This post is the second part of the topic with the first talking about how I got into NBA this one talks about my opinion on bandwagoning. This post happens to coincide with the first week of the 2017/2018 NBA Regular season… Where GSW are currently 1-2 *sigh.

Anyway past that and onto the blog.

Sports bandwagoning can be frustrating for old fans of the sport and old fans of the teams. But overall I believe it is good for the NBA but I can sort of understand old fans frustrations but believe that their dislike would be changed if they thought about the bigger picture.

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