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July 9, 2007   No Comments on Blog birthday

number fourThis blog is four years old today. The first post was on July 9, 2003. I was using Jonathan Beckett’s PluggedOut blog script then, and later switched to Pivot before settling on WordPress.

I see that Jonathan is now using WordPress himself, so I think that is some recognition it’s become the premier blogging program.

Back in 2003 there was no standard as such. I originally tried the CGI script Greymatter before moving to PHP.

The early entries on this site have survived two transitions. I initially cut and pasted them into Pivot and later imported them to WordPress.

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9 years 1 month ago

Yep – wordpress "just works"… there seems to have been a big movement towards software that gets the core job done rather than swiss army knife applications… I wrote PluggedOut Blog way back when there really were no good solutions around, and then of course WordPress great like a week 🙂