Record heat wave

January 28, 2009   1 Comment on Record heat wave

Cape Bridgewater
We’re into the third day of a heat wave that looks set to continue for several more days at least.

Mount Gambier today recorded its equal second hottest day ever of 43.6 degrees (110.5F). Tomorrow is again forecast to be 44 degrees followed by 40 on Friday before a “cool change” to 35 on Saturday.

According to the long-term climate averages, Mount Gambier normally has just one day a year above 40 degrees.

There are normally just eight days a year above 35 degrees, which means most houses and many offices are not equipped with air-conditioning.

An air-conditioner was only installed at my office just before Christmas and we don’t have one at our house.

We used a fan in our bedroom last night. The noise was like sleeping with a single-engine Cessna.

After work today we headed to the beach at Cape Bridgewater. It was a 75-minute drive to near Portland in Victoria, but well worth the effort.

Conditions were ideal: no breeze, cool water, hard sand and a near-empty beach. It was tough coming home.

I imagine Cape Bridgewater and most southern ports only have two or three summer days each year that are perfect like that. Most other times there will be a stronger wind or cool weather.

One thought on “Record heat wave

  1. delmer

    110F? That’s rough. I don’t know that we’d had a 100F (about 38C) day here in the last couple of years. We’ve been close, probably.

    The humidity can be hard to put up with.


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