I'm typing this on a silicone bluetooth keyboard and case for Nexus 7, obtained from MobileZap. It's a sturdy silver case with a built-in wireless bluetooth 3 keyboard featuring a sleek, modern design.

According to the specifications, the device has a charging time of 4-5 hours, working time of approximately 55 hours and a standby time of 60 days. I had no trouble giving it a first charge from my PC using a micro USB cable.

Pairing was a breeze, just had to activate the on switch, press the connect button, type a four digit code and press enter on the keyboard.

I use SwiftKey for the regular tablet keyboard. The Android operating system recognised the physical keyboard without difficulty and gave me the option of reverting back to SwiftKey.

Given the seven-inch size, the actual keyboard is substantially smaller than for a desktop, but larger and more user friendly than the screen keys.

I have long, regular-size fingers, but found it much easier to type this than I would have done via the screen.

This is ideal for writing Office documents, articles or emails on the move. It doesn't elevate the seven-inch tablet to a desktop replacement, but does make it a potential laptop replacement for people on the move.

Bluetooth keyboard and caseCompared with a laptop you can still touch the screen and use auto-suggest if it's available to speed up typing.

The keyboard also doubles as a case, which has a solid feel and provides practical protection, albeit the total weight is heavier than a softer alternative.

There are special function short keys, which means you can navigate easily at the touch of a button. These could be keys for music control, volume or take you straight back to the home screen. 

The keyboard can be connected to other bluetooth enabled devices, including Android phones, iPhone and iPod Touch. I'm typing this on my Asus Fonepad, for which the case is also a good fit.

The keyboard kicks into sleep mode after 15 minutes of inactivity and just requires any key touch to wake up.

All this and more for just $43.49 plus postage from MobileZap.

The picture shows this article being typed on my Asus Fonepad.