Lake Buffalo, Myrtleford

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  • Ebony

    Looks like you are having a great holiday. I did not know the history of Lake Buffalo, nor about its role in the tobacco industry.
    Your history lessons always appeal, love reading stuff like this.

    What is chop chop? Is it a slang term for Marihuana, Cannabis?

    • Michael

      Thanks Ebony. Chop chop was the name given to tobacco used in the illegal manufacture of cigarettes. As the government’s tax take from cigarettes increased, organised crime began acquiring tobacco on the black market, either by stealing it or paying above-market cash rates to growers.

      They made their own cigarettes and sold them at prices significantly lower than in shops.

      After the tobacco industry on the Atherton Tablelands closed down, Myrtleford was the last growing district in Australia.

      It was cheaper for the government to buy out the growers and close the industry down than it was to lose the tax revenue.

  • georgia

    i love lake bufflo in easter we go up there with some friend and family i love driving the boat and sittting back and sun baking i love going knne boarding sking and dounting it is the best time it is really quite up thier i love it how the riples run and there nose of the boat it is a dream come true you should go there the best lake in victora.