Angus McMillan

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  • Rodney Forbes

    Even judging by the standards of the 1840s McMillan was a callous mass murderer, a hypocrite and a liar. That’s why he hid his massacres, which perpetrators In other parts of Australia had been hanged for.

    As ‘Protector of Aboriginals’ he was known to divert food and other supplies meant for his charges to other purposes and as a result they were ravaged by respiratory diseases and malnutrition.

    Rodney Forbes

    • history slave

      True, thats why his family wont release his personal journal for historical research as it will confirm the gravity of his actions, the evidence is there for anyone whos looking, he has monuments dedicated to him in almost every town in gippsland, also Broadbent who currently holds the federal seat of Mcmillan has walked out of parliment in total indifference to the latest Closing the gap reports showing the coalition has failed Aboriginal people again, not surprising from a National, the seat of Mcmillan has been a LNP stronghold for a long time, seems attitudes havent changed much